Three days Online course for advanced Youth basketball coaches will start February 1st, 2021 on platform. 
The course content builds an understanding on Youth basketball teams’ tactic development, presents Youth players strength and conditioning programs and drills as well as improvement of players technique actions.
Speakers are world-famous basketball experts like Legendary Lithuanian basketball player Rimantas Kaukenas, Finish National Men’s team head coach Henrik Dettmann, FIBA Strenght & conditioning coach Alejandro Vaquera from Spain, Basketball scientist Prof. Rutenis Paulauskas and famous basketball coach Steponas Kairys from Lithuania. It is a great opportunity for every coach to refresh and upgrade Youth basketball training knowledge based on the most effective programs in the world.

Program of the course:

Day 1:
Alejandro Vaquera, FIBA Referees Global Fitness Coordinator.
Topic: Innovations in basketball player’s fitness training.

Rimantas Kaukenas, Former LTU National team player.
Topic: Most effective drills for shooting technique development.

Steponas Kairys, Lithuanian Basketball Expert.
Topic: Principles of effective defense 1×1.

Day 2:
Henrik Dettman, Head Coach of Finland National Men’s team.
Topic: Keynotes in building team game strategy: Finland National team experience.

Steponas Kairys. Lithuanian Basketball Expert.
Topic: Ways to stop pick and roll (2×2).

Prof. Rutenis Paulauskas, Professor in Basketball coaching.
Topic: Ways of developing basketball players shooting stability. Lithuanian basketball schools practice.

Day 3
Alejandro Vaquera, FIBA Referees Global Fitness Coordinator.
Topic: Agility and speed training for young basketball players.

Steponas Kairys, Lithuanian Basketball Expert.
Topic: Team offense philosophy: Lithuanian way.

Prof. Rutenis Paulauskas, Professor of Basketball coaching.
Topic: Main principles of team defense. How we teach it in Lithuania?