Philippines, Thailand, China, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Turkey, Latvia and Lithuania are countries, which have been represented by students at the intensive course for basketball coaches and managers organised by IBU.

Students have been learning effective basketball management essentials starting from basics of planning basketball player’s preparation processes finishing with basketball technic – tactic philosophies and productive management of basketball system. The best Lithuanian basketball experts: Honorary president of Lithuanian Basketball Federation Mr. Vladas Garastas, President of Lithuanian Basketball Coaches association Dr. Vydas Gedvilas, Lithuanian Basketball expert prof. Rutenis Paulauskas, head coach of Lithuanian Youth National teams Mr. Darius Sirtautas and others have been sharing unique basketball knowledge’s which will help to improve coaching and management activities for our students. Students visited international event Women Eurobasket 2019 in Riga (Latvia) during the course and had a meeting with Latvian Basketball Federation Secretary General Mr. Edgars Sneps.

“ It was great start of our international basketball education course, we got highly motivated coaches from several continents of the world to start studies at IBU, we continuing to expand international basketball coaches network which will connect coaches in any place of the world, we are very proud of it and will focus even more to offer different educational opportunities including Online courses from 1 to 5 days“ CEO and Vice-Rector of IBU dr. Mindaugas Balciunas said.

IBU board members will have a meeting in August to approve dates of yearly study plan and further courses for basketball coaches and managers.


IBU students after meeting with legendary Lithuanian Coach and Honorary President of LTU basketball federation Mr. Vladas Garastas