The World Basketball Forum – is a major international event focusing on exploring the phenomenon of the fastest growing sport in the world – basketball.

This annual forum will bring together speakers of different world-leading basketball organizations to share the knowledge and experience of how basketball sport can be developed using the best practice of the world-leading basketball organizations such as FIBA, CBA, Euroleague, and others. It will be a great opportunity for local Chinese basketball stakeholders and international participants (coaches, managers, referees, and fans) to learn the best world practice of basketball development and to implement it into the local basketball system.

The world basketball Forum will take place from October 16th to 19th 2020 in Beijing, China.
The agenda for the World Basketball Forum 2020 will offer two days of conference format presentations (October 16-17th) and two days of practical basketball clinic (December 18- 19th) sessions.

Key points for the 2020 program will be two days conference discussion on the trends of world basketball growth, the tools and practice’s that different basketball organization and countries apply for players, coaches, and referees development, as well as a practical part in the basketball coaches clinic, which will focus on Lithuania country basketball system structure and the way of coaching, which has proved itself as one of the most stable basketball systems worldwide.

The World Basketball Forum 2020 agenda:


Conference presentations:

October 16th (Friday)

Liu Xue, Owner of the Shanghai Green fighters youth basketball club

Topic: Why China Business has to invest in basketball grassroots programs? The Green fighters case study.

Matt Weston,  Former CBA Technical director. Online presentation

Topic: “ Major sports leagues development strategy – NBL”

Maurizio Gherardini, Fenerbache, Istanbul , Euroleague. Online presentation

Topic:     “How to create a winning team”

Pavel Hooghe, Professional basketball coach, Russia. Online presentation

Topic:  From Youth to Elite. Russian basketball system.


October 17th (Saturday)

Peter Tutlys, Internationally recognized marketing expert. Online presentation

Topic: What each basketball club General Manager has to know

Michael Tu, Owner of the Beijing Falcons youth basketball club.

Topic: Ways for improvement of China youth basketball system

Prof. Rutenis Paulauskas, Professor in Basketball coaching.   Online presentation

Topic: Designing Youth basketball program for Basketball schools

Sergey Kriukov, Director of Student basketball Russia. Online presentation

Topic:  Student basketball contribution to Elite player’s development.


Basketball Coaches Clinic:

October 18th (Sunday)

Darius Dikcius, Lithuanian Youth basketball coach.

Topic: Principles of the effective defensive system for Youth basketball.

Jeff Zownir, Canadian Youth basketball coach.

Topic: How to incorporate the use of the 3-point shot: From Practice to Championships.

Jeff Zownir, Canadian Youth basketball coach.

Topic: Effective drills for improving technical skills in Youth basketball

Prof. Henrikas Paulauskas, Basketball scientist & Lithuanian Youth basketball coach

Topic: Youth basketball testing. Most informative tests and application.


October 19th (Monday)

Darius Dikcius, Lithuanian Youth basketball coach.

Topic: Make it fun! Basketball drills that make kids happy.

Henrikas Paulauskas. Basketball scientist & Lithuanian Youth basketball coach.

Topic: Developing decision-making ability for youth players.

Arseniy Galtsov, Russian Youth basketball coach.

Topic: Shooting development: from teaching to stability.

Prof. Henrikas Paulauskas, Basketball scientist & Lithuanian Youth basketball coach.

Topic:  How to combine fitness and technique training during a basketball session?