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Intensive course for Basketball Coaches

The Lithuanian basketball coaching culture is the main reason for Lithuanian basketball success. "Coaches are the engine of basketball development" - delivering the course at IBU, legendary Lithuanian coach and Basketball Federation Honorary President, Vladas Garastas has always emphasized this during his presentations. Join the course which will provide you with the relevant knowledge of the specific topics on basketball games, a few topics of many for the intensive coaching course such as multiyear preparation of elite teams of youth basketball players and offensive philosophy fundamentals of individual defense. International coaches who are entering course are having chance to interact with and learn from the most experienced and succesfull Lithuanian and foreign coaches like Vladas Garastas, Henrik Dettmann, Rutenis Paulauskas, Kestutis Kemzura, Kazys Maksvytis and others. It is a quick and great opportunity to upgrade your knowledge and get to the next level of coaching in Basketball.


Intensive Course for Basketball Managers

The Lithuanian basketball system has proved through its stability, in being one of the world's leading basketball eco-system and still remains an effective producer/developer of new basketball stars. The following are just a few points that the intensive course will analyze: How basketball structures are formed in line with the latest innovations on and off the basketball court, what are the main factors of its stability, why small populations are famous for basketball victories, etc. You will find these and more answers during the short term intensive studies at IBU. Join this exclusive opportunity to learn one of the most unique basketball cultures in the world.


Bachelor’s studies in Basketball coaching organised at Klaipeda University

The Bachelor's degree studies in basketball coaching is organized at Klaipeda University in cooperation with IBU. Full-Time study – 4 years (distance and contact learning). The schedule of the study subjects is flexible – it is composed so that you have the possibility to study and work. During each semester you will be required to arrive to a study cycle (14 days per cycle). The duration of the study program is 8 semesters (autumn and spring semesters). Bachelor's degree in Basketball coaching involves lectures from widely recognized experts like the Lithuanian National Men's and Women's teams coaches to the basketball scientist from Lithuania and abroad.

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