Dr. Mindaugas Balciunas
Dr. Mindaugas BalciunasDirector
Secretary General at Lithuanian Basketball Federation
H. Prof. at Worcester University, UK.

Public company: International Basketball University

Company code: 303267424

Residential location: Rotuses sq. 11, Kaunas 44279, Lithuania

Email: info@basketballstudies.com

Phone: +370-612-31690

Bank account LT15 7044 0600 0804 7142

SEB bank


Ahmet Can Ozkan
Ahmet Can OzkanInternational affairs coordinator
Email: admin@basketballstudies.com
Raymon Mercader
Raymon MercaderRegional director at Philippines
Email: info@basketballstudies.com
Levan Japaridze
Levan JaparidzeRegional director at Georgia and Caucasus
Email: info@basketballstudies.com
Ali Makki
Ali MakkiRegional director at Middle East and Arab Golf
Email: info@basketballstudies.com
Andrey Shirokov
Andrey ShirokovRegional director at Russia
Email: info@basketballstudies.com
Richard Borsah
Richard BorsahRegional director at Ghana
Email: info@basketballstudies.com

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