Project Description


This unique course enables current practitioners to develop their conceptual and theoretical understanding in Basketball coaching specialisation.
The delivery of the course will focus upon an innovative approach that will involve teaching in both Klaipeda University and IBU, and will take a four year period to complete. Lectures and seminars will strategically take place in between of  playing seasons – summer time, whilst online classes and tutorials will be available throughout the year via platform.
This course provides students with a unique opportunity to combine studies with elite sports activities, and enables current practitioners to develop their conceptual and theoretical understanding in the field of Basketball coaching.
It will be of interest to coaches, senior players, coach educators and students throughout Europe and World who have an interest in developing the Basketball coaching abilities.
Practical skills in a range of scientific disciplines will be further developed in order to enhance the coaching process, and you will be able to critically reflect upon contemporary principles and practices in management and coaching. In cooperation with Lithuanian Basketball Coaches Association, Lithuanian Basketball Federation and Lithuanian Basketball Clubs & Leagues, the course offers an exchange of methods of basketball practice that exists throughout Europe and provides students with fundamental basketball coaching knowledge and skills.
A range of learning styles and activities will be employed, focus on student engagement and the development of independent learning.

These include lectures practical sessions, small group discussions, individual research, distance learning and etc.
The main purpose of the course is to give skills for students to be able critically understand strengths of Lithuanian basketball coaching philosophy and system and to apply it in respective countries or basketball organisation. Course covers different basketball coaching systems, multiyear youth basketball developing strategies, Elite teams coaching, use of a latest technologies in basketball, recognise, solve and prevent players injuries situations , monitor and  make the right conclusions on team preparation status, relate practical experience with acknowledged professional competency training and learning models on the basis of international level achievements in fundamental and applied interdisciplinary science and technology.

Key features

• This master degree is connected to the leading Lithuanian basketball clubs, schools and leagues, and could provide opportunities to coach youth teams in basketball academies.
• The education programme allows you to gain coaching awards whilst you actively playing professional basketball or starting coaching career.
• Strong partnerships with local Lithuanian basketball federation allows provide invaluable real-world experience and insight through work-based learning activities
• Progression on to further career via a linked professional placement, or in to employment in the basketball and sport industry.

You will be able to:

  • Analyze, interpret, systematise data of macro, mezo and micro cycles for youth and elite basketball players development, make an effective coaching decisions based on the latest basketball science knowledge.
  • Know modern technologies for teaching and improving basketball technique, the basics of training basketball players, training, selection and forecasting technologies, taking into account the characteristics of gender, age, and biological maturity.
  • Employ the principles of basketball training, prepare programs for training stages, applying modern technologies for training athletes.
  • Know the principles of selection and training of basketball players in various age groups.
  • Understand  the principles of individualisation and correction of physical loads applied to basketball players.
  • Will be able to analyze and plan the multi-year and annual training of basketball players, control and manage the process, gather feedback and analyze it.
  • … and much more of knowledge in modern basketball coaching.

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QUALIFICATION TO BE CONFERRED: Sport Bachelor. Basketball Specialisation.


STUDY TYPE, DURATION, CREDITS: Part-time (distance learning) – 4 year; 240 ECTS.

ORGANISED BY: Klaipeda university (Lithuania) in partnership with IBU


Bachelor degree in Basketball coaching will give students the opportunity to pursue a career in many fields of Basketball: Youth basketball programs, elite basketball clubs, basketball programs managers at Federations, Associations and Sport Authorities institutions. The knowledge acquired can be used in such areas as basketball training, youth education, basketball scouting, scientific research activities, working as a physical education teachers or strength training trainers.

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Basketball players training technologies.

Movement control, teaching and training of basketball players

Psychological aspects of coaching basketball players.

Training technologies for young basketball players

Technologies for the training of Elite basketball players

History and sociology of basketball

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Entry requirements

Students are applyuing to the Sport Bachelor Basketball specializtaion study program at Klaipeda University will normally have a High School diploma and English language fundamentals.
Our policy is to offer a place to any student that we deem to be capable of success and who is likely to substantially benefit from the program. We support the University’s mission statement of increasing access, widening participation and assisting students to achieve their potential.


A wide variety of assessment methods are used including: written assignments, data handling assignments, case study, oral presentation and defence, integrative curriculum project, portfolio, group presentation and Advanced Independent Study.

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Jesus Bueno Pascual
Jesus Bueno Pascualex NBA vice-president Europe, Middle East and Africa
Find more info on LinkedIn (click photo)
Maurizio Gherardini
Maurizio GherardiniGeneral Manager of Fenerbache, Istanbul. Former vice-president of Toronto Raptors (NBA)
Find more info on LinkedIn (click photo)
Prof. Jaime Sampaio
Prof. Jaime SampaioLeading European basketaball scientist
Find more info on LinkedIn (click photo)
Henrik Detmann
Henrik DetmannHead coach at Finnish National Men's Team
Find more info on Wikipedia (click photo)
Kestutis Kemzura
Kestutis KemzuraCoach at Olympiacos, Greece. Former head coach of LTU Mens National team.
Find more info on Wikipedia (click photo)
Prof. Dr. Rutenis Paulauskas
Prof. Dr. Rutenis PaulauskasCoached LTU Women's National team. Basketball expert.
Find more info on Wikipedia (click photo)
H. Dr. Vladas Garastas
H. Dr. Vladas GarastasHonorary President of Lithuanian Basketball Federation
Find more info on Linkedin (click photo)
Mindaugas Reinikis
Mindaugas ReinikisAssociation of National Press, Chairman
Find more info on LinkedIn (click photo)
Dr. Mindaugas Balciunas
Dr. Mindaugas BalciunasSecretary General at LTU Basketball, PhD in basketball science,
Find more info on LinkedIn (click photo)

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